England Alevi Cultural Center and Djemevi has been the biggest cultural center in London working to help Turkish and Kurdish communities for years. Since 1993, it has kept its door open to people of all religions and cultures. Organized educational, social and cultural activities for people of all ages at our new location in Wood Green.
In addition to protecting our history and culture, our aim is to help Alevis living in London on a religious level and to meet their necessary needs. In our Djemevi, we also organize courses for the education of our youth on the Alevi faith and path, for our children to be successful in their schools and to maximize their academic levels, as well as parenting courses for families. We also provide translation services to the best of our ability. We organize social and educational activities for our young people who will take care of our way, our faith and our Djemevi in the future.
We, as IAKM and Cemevi, have always aimed to help every guest who comes to our door without discrimination of religion, language, race and gender.

President of IAKM and CEMEVI